The True Cost of Home Loan Loyalty

The True Cost of Home Loan Loyalty

Written by Nardia Barrett

24 Jul, 2023

The True Cost of Home Loan Loyalty


When it comes to your home loan, sticking with your current lender might seem like the easiest option, right? I mean, you’ve already got that relationship going on, they gave you the green light on your loan, and it all feels familiar. But here’s the thing: the cost of home loan loyalty might end up costing you more than you think, especially when it comes to interest payable over the life of the loan – the cost of home loan loyalty.

Save Money and Take Control: Why Switching Home Loan Lenders is a Smart Move


We have to remember banks are businesses, and businesses are all about making money. If you’re not keeping an eye out and taking the initiative, they won’t hesitate to charge you more. That’s why it’s crucial to constantly review your home loan, compare home loan rates and consider switching home loan lenders. Trust me, you could save a ton of money by refinancing with a different lender that offers friendlier terms and lower interest rates.

According to James Eyers, Senior Reporter for the Australian Financial Review, the big banks are raking in around $4.5 billion each year from a customer “loyalty tax.” It’s a tax that gets worse as interest rates rise and lenders pass on higher borrowing costs to existing customers while luring new ones in with lower rates.

“The big banks are earning about $4.5 billion each year from a customer “loyalty tax”, which is increasing amid Reserve Bank of Australia interest rate rises as lenders pass higher borrowing costs through to existing customers while seeking to attract new ones with lower rates.”

Beware the Loyalty Tax: How Staying Loyal to Your Home Loan Could Cost You Thousands!


Loyalty doesn’t pay off when it comes to your home loan and this is what we refer to as the cost of home loan loyalty. “Loyalty tax” means existing customers pay more than new customers. Long-time customers face higher interest rates while newbies enjoy discounts.

Lenders in Australia rely on people not seeking better rates. But trust me, simply by switching home loan lenders the difference can be huge, affecting the total cost and monthly repayments. Many Aussies carry this burden unknowingly. That so-called “loyalty tax” is a burden that many Aussies carry without even knowing it.

Even the tiniest difference in interest rates can make a huge impact on the amount you end up paying over the life of a loan. Imagine having a $300,000 loan and just a 0.5% difference. That’s like handing over an extra $30,000 to your lender over a span of 30 years. I mean, seriously, think about it—that’s like the cost of a shiny new car, an amazing vacation, or a big chunk off your loan that you didn’t even realise you were giving away. Crazy, right?

This is the beauty of the power of competition. Competition allows us to reduce the cost of home loan loyalty. The lending market is cutthroat, with loads of lenders vying for your business. So, shopping around could snag you a way better deal than sticking with your current lender. You might find lenders offering lower interest rates, less fees, or extra services that your current lender isn’t providing. 

Don’t Settle for Less: Uncover Savings with a Free Home Loan Health Check 


Loyalty is great, but when it comes to your home loan lender, it’s time to reevaluate. Your financial well-being and future should never be compromised and it’s important to reduce the cost of home loan loyalty when possible. This is where your mortgage broker comes into the picture.

A mortgage broker is like your financial matchmaker. They explore a wide network of lenders to find the best home loan for you. We’ll guide you through the process, helping you find a home loan that suits your needs. We’ll compare interest rates, repayment terms, and other features to make sure it’s a perfect fit for your financial situation. With our expert guidance, you can save money and prioritize your financial well-being.

Are you unknowingly falling prey to the ‘loyalty tax’? Don’t let better deals slip through your fingers! Take advantage of a complimentary home loan health check today to uncover whether your current provider is truly giving you the best bang for your buck. Don’t miss out on savings! 

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