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Looking for family home number two? Or are you adding to your property repertoire? Perhaps you have simply found your dream home and you are ready to upgrade.

Fantastic. We can help you with exactly that. Having purchased a home before, you may already know that here can be speed bumps along the way without preparing for the necessary actionable steps in advance. We know that your time is valuable, so allow Puzzle Box Finance to map out the exact strategy to get you to where you want to go.

As experts, we already know what you are going to require along the way.

Puzzle Box Finance has access to hundreds of loans from a range of lenders. We can help you find the very best option to meet your needs.

Preparation is key

Although this time around it may not be quite as scary, as you have purchased a property before, however, it can still be stressful. Our friendly team can take the stress out of the home loan process for you, so that you can concentrate on the things that matter to you the most.

There are a few options to consider when looking at how you will buy your next home. The great news is, having been down this road before, you should be more attractive to lenders as you now have lending history.

Every situation is different and unique. Our team will be able to discuss the option that will be best suited to you.

Here’s a breakdown of the options you may need to consider:

Bridging Loan

Relying on selling your current home to fund the next? There can be some additional challenges when organising a loan to cover the time between the purchase of your new home and the sale of your existing property. A bridging loan may be the answer for you where you can essentially buy before you sell.

Simultaneous Settlement

Alternatively, you may benefit from a simultaneous settlement. This option can essentially reduce costs and can also be a safer choice especially in a declining property market. Selling before you buy.

Using your current house for investment

It may also be an option for you to keep your current house, to then use for investment in your new home. Our team can help you decide if this may be the best option for you and guide you through what comes next.

Get in touch with one of our experts

We will be happy to guide you through the process and establish the best option to suit your individual needs. Puzzle Box Finance will gladly assist in helping you achieve the outcome you are looking for when purchasing your next property.

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